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SE Michigan 2010
Michigan mortality?
April 12, 2010

UPDATE: This buck has been officially scored by Bill Nash at 246-2/8. It is reported to have 37-1/8 inches of abnormal points with both main beams reaching over 30 inches and an inside spread of 28-5/8. If this score holds up after panel verification, it will be the new B&C Michigan state record non-typical whitetail. The current #1 B&C Michigan non-typical whitetail was taken by Paul M. Mickey in 1976. It scores 238-2/8 B&C.

It has been reported that this deer was found in southeastern Michigan (possible vehicle or winter mortality?) Rumours say it has a green gross score in the 250's with a 29" inside spread. Boone and Crockett has not received any official score or information on this buck.


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