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Natural Causes?
Illinois Pick Up
November 24, 2009

Update 11/24/2009 North American Whitetail reports the buck scores 254-1/8 net NT. No entry into B&C records to date.

Update 1/30/2009: Quail hunters found this buck dead on property owned by John Grosboll of Petersburg, IL. Coyotes had eaten much of the deer, making it impossible to tell why the buck died.
The buck has 24 points, gross green scores 246 B&C and was found in Menard County, Illinois.

Hunters in the area had caught him on a trail camera earlier in the season and were avidly trying to catch up to him.

Mr. Grosboll has an entry in the Boone and Crockett Records from 1988 with a 194-2/8 NT Whitetail from Menard County, Illinois.

Trophy Watch was sent this photo of a buck found dead in Illinois. There is no word on a possible score or what county in Illinois. The state DNR is looking into cause of death. Tremendous animal.

B&C records accept picked up or found trophies as long as the skull plate is intact for an accurate inside spread measurement.


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