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Cindy Prochnow 2012
First in ND
November 26, 2012

I bought my wife a new .270 Savage rifle and scope at Fleet Farm and then the next month took her to the local shooting range to have her practice. She was hitting bullseyes at 50 and 100 yards.

North Dakota deer open started both my son and I filled opening weekend with small bucks. She didn't get a chance to shoot at one. Next weekend came and we headed out to our favorite spot. We arrived around 8 am and started calling and rattling horns over the next few hours. After moving up and down the hills and draws we came face to face with a doe standing behind a large rock and tree. We held still and I rattled and grunted a little. The doe stood still and as we watch her she would look behind her and with good reason, I knew a buck was coming to her so I told my wife to be ready and as the doe lower her head the buck was going to be behind her and to take the shot in the neck.

I was shock to watch the doe lowered her head and just like that the wife shot and now is the owner of this awesome buck of a lifetime.

Brian James Prochnow


Simon Lemoine 2012
Manitoba Bull
November 26, 2012

On September 26th of this year, my friend Phil Arbez and I had the privilege to harvest this fine trophy bull in Northern Manitoba.

The animal has not been scored yet, but its greatest width stands at 57.25 inches. (I eyeball scored this animal to be between 170 to 180, net.)

In a nutshell, my friend called the moose in and I placed a clean double-lung shot at 50 yards. (My friend made calling in the moose look easy, although this was our very first ever moose-hunt!)

I have every reason to believe that my very first moose may very well be my moose of a lifetime! Needless to say, I feel a great debt of gratitude to my friend who brought the moose in so close for the shot.

Simon Lemoine


Manitoba ranks 6th of all states and provinces with Canada moose.

BC 557
Alberta 149
Maine 103
Ontario 73
Saskatchewan 62
Manitoba 34


Derek Harris 2012
Archery Coues'
November 26, 2012

New Mexico archery Coues' whitetail taken by Derek Harris on 9/15.

Reported 108-6/8 final P&Y with 21" beams.


No Details
November 26, 2012

Circulating with no details, but noteworthy.


Josh Bryant 2012
Arkansas Muzzle NT
November 24, 2012

I harvested this buck with my muzzleloader on October 20th 2012 in El Dorado, Arkansas (Union County). It was the opening day of the black-powder hunt. I scored him at about 178-7/8. A true trophy for south arkansas. 16 total points with a greatest spread at right about 20 inches. A true trophy for south Arkansas.

Josh Bryant


John Chismorie 2009
IL Stolen
November 24, 2012

Hello, my name is John Chismorie. I had my 10 point buck stolen from my house November 2009 in Chicago, IL. He's not big, but he's my first buck. If you or somebody knows where the mount is, please contact me at jchismorie@yahoo.com. There is a $300 reward.


John Chismorie


Brad Paton 2012
MS Youth NT
November 24, 2012

Eleven year-old Brad Paton connected on this 34-point NT while hunting with his father, Scott in Coahoma County, Mississippi.

Reported to green gross 246.

Coahoma County ranks #1 in MS for typical whitetail, but does not have one entry in B&C records for non-typical.


Doug Broich 2012
November 22, 2012

After capturing trail cam photos of a giant non-typical whitetail on his home quarter, Doug Broich spent many hours on stand. He was able to rattle his dream buck within muzzleloader range and harvest this once in a lifetime buck.

When asked how he felt about this buck, Doug replied, “I love the fact I walked out my front door and got him in my back forty!!!”

With 30 scoreable points, the buck’s green score is 252 6/8” gross non-typical and 247 1/8” net non-typical.

Submitted by
Heath Dreger D097
OM Saskatchewan


Blair Mitchell 2012
SK Both Ways
November 22, 2012

Here is a trophy mule deer harvested by Official Measurer, Blair Mitchell. Leave it to an OM for B&C to be able to hold out for the big one!

This beauty of a buck makes the Sask record book both ways.

Net green score is 203 4/8” non-typical or 182 3/8” typical.

Congrats Blair!

Submitted by
Heath Dreger D097
OM Saskatchewan


Justin Pandorf 2012
Ohio Mega !0
November 22, 2012

I harvested this great buck on Nov. 14, 2012 in Ohio with bow. He has 4 tines at or over 12 inches, mass at or over 5 inches, with 27inch main beams! Super Ten Point!...Green Gross just over 191-inches with only 4-3/8 in deductions.!!..A Buck of All Ages!!

Warren County


Paul Plaquin 2012
Alberta 3 Years
November 22, 2012

Here's some photos of the smart old buck I shot this week in northern Alberta. This was the 4th encounter we'd had with him in the three years I've been hunting him. Thanks to my very understanding wife I was able to spend 19 days in the stand this fall trying to connect with him. It was a pretty fabulous end to my hunting season and my hunting partners were just excited as I was to when I finally got him. His gross score is 230 5/8.

Inside Spread 19-4/8 Longest tine is right G3 at 10-4/8. Biggest circumference is 9-3/8. Total mass is 51-5/8.

I look at Trophy Watch every day that I'm not hunting in the fall.

Paul Plaquin


Dawn Elzi 2012
Colorado First
November 20, 2012


I would like to share a photo of my wife from her first Mule Deer hunt this fall.

He was taken in Park County, Colorado on the last day that we were able to hunt. It was just before sundown, and he had just emerged from the woodline to feed. We spotted him the day before, and waited near the meadow where he finally came out.

My wife was so excited for this deer that I cant describe to you in an email. I have "green" scored him at 183-1/8", but am waiting 60 days to have a B&C official score done.

Robert Elzi


Jordan Koehler 2012
Ohio First
November 20, 2012

My son, Jordan Koehler, took this buck on our 18-acre property on 11-17-12 just before 9am.

It was his first deer ever. Jordan will turn 16 next month.

He was in a tree stand and we watched the buck follow a doe onto our property for approximately 20 minutes before he took the shot with an H&R 20 gauge Pardner Pump.

He is a 10-point and we will measure after the allotted drying out time.

Yes he was wearing that dumb hat… which will now go down in our family lore as the “lucking hunting hat”.

Kyle Koehler


Bryan Bartlett 2012
Alberta 200+
November 20, 2012

B&C Lifetime Associate, Bryan Bartlett's mule deer just taken with Glenn Brown - Blue Bronna Outfitting.

Reported 214 gross.


Bill Vankoughnet 1961
Ontario Mass 1961
November 19, 2012

This buck was taken in 1961 from Mellon Lake, Ont. and was just scored this year. It was only the 5th typical whitetail from Ontario to gross over 200 pts B&C with a net score of 182-4/8. Gross 202-6/8. Currently ranks #3 from the province.

Owned by William John Vankoughnet, son of William James Vankoughnet.


Philip Web 2012
SK Skyscraper
November 19, 2012

Here is a beautiful south Saskatchewan giant. Philip Webb was fortunate enough to cross paths with this beautiful whitetail on Nov. 16th, 2012.

His unofficial green score is 203-0/8 - 186-7/8 net typical. He has a 22-4/8 inside spread, 27" main beams and 40 inches of mass. Longest tine is 13-4/8". He also has 8-7/8 " of abnormals.

Donald Holinaty


Dana Hamilton 2012
SK Bull
November 19, 2012

Here is yet another great bull taken this fall from southern Saskatchewan. The very excited hunter is Mrs. Dana Hamilton from Estevan, Saskatchewan.

Her bull had a spread of 57-4/8 and an official green score of 183-6/8”. Congrats to you Dana!

Submitted by official measurer,

Michael Halirewich


Pick Up 2012
Indiana Bumper
November 18, 2012

Reported to have been hit by a vehicle near Lafayette, Ind.

The county, state, and animal should be recognized even though not hunter taken.

B&C therefore accepts pick ups as long as they are legally owned - issued a DNR possession permit.


Dion Brochu 2012
Alberta Close
November 18, 2012

I harvested this whitetail near Edson, Alberta on Nov 11 2012. He has been green scored by my taxidermist and is gross 180 5/8" net typical 158 7/8" net non typical 176 3/8".

Just thought I would share even though he doesn't make book he is a hell of a deer.

Dion Brochu


Roger Gates 2012
Wisconsin Book
November 18, 2012

I harvested this animal with my bow on October 29th 2012 in Wisconsin. Rough green score of 172” gross. A broken left G4 will keep this buck out of the official B&C records, but should net Awards at around 166”.

I hope these pictures do him Justice. He has 12"+ G2’s, and 11”+ G3’s.

Roger Gates


Gebe Vigil 2012
Wyoming Solo
November 18, 2012

Public land D-I-Y. This muley was taken opening day on a solo backpack hunt in the high country of south central Wyoming.

He will be officially measured on the 1st of December by a B&C measurer. It was by far the most challenging and rewarding thing I've ever done.

Gebe Vigil


Thomas A. Stago 2012
30-inch plus Alaska Brown Bear
November 14, 2012

A recently accepted AK brown bear is the new #8 all-time with a skull measurement of 30-4/16 inches B&C.

Hunter, Thomas A. Stago from Enola, Pennsylvania used a .375 H&H pushing a 300 gr. Barnes to down this brownie near South Uyak Bay, Alaska on May 2, 2012.

Of the 863 brown bear entries meeting or exceeding the 26-inch minimum, only 22 score 30-inches and higher.

Roy Lindsley took the World's Record in 1952, scoring 30-12/16 from Kodiak Island. Stago's trophy is tied for the largest on record taken in the past 30 years.


Grand Prairie 2012
Alberta Typical
November 13, 2012

Rumored 190+ and looks it.


Anthony B. 2012
Nevada Desert
November 13, 2012

Mr. Anthony B. was fortunate enough to hit the lottery and was selected as the first ever recipient of the Silver State Desert Bighorn permit. Throughout the summer & fall, countless rams were observed & scrutinized. We felt this ram was a tremendous representative of the quality of sheep we have in our wonderful State of Nevada.

Thanks go to all the generous Sportsmen, Fraternity of the Desert Bighorn, Nevada Bighorns Unlimited, and all other organizations committed to keeping Sheep on the Mountain.

We were fortunate enough to harvest this great ram with his wonderful family along. Thank you Anthony for letting us share in this incredible experience!

39 6/8 x 14 6/8
39 0/8 x 14 6/8

Hide N Seek Outfitters & Crew


SE Idaho 2012
Idaho Come Back
November 11, 2012

Not much known about this great deer, other than 39.5" outside.

What we do know is this is the caliber of buck that made Idaho famous among mule deer hunters in the 60s & 70s.


Mr. Jackson Smith 2012
TX First
November 11, 2012

Age ten was the year he got his first buck.

Jackson Smith, made the most of a family trip to Texas. Opening day he got his first buck 183 yd shot. 19 ½” inside spread 10 pt.

Forget measuring the antlers. If B&C had a trophy scale for smiles, he’d make the top ten. For two days the smile didn’t leave his face. Just like his mom Myra Smith (who took the #25 typ. mulie on her second hunt), it’s all downhill from here.

TW: Mom's buck is #25 all-time for typical mule deer and the largest to date taken by a female hunter.


Ship Harbour, NS 2012
Nova Scotia NT
November 11, 2012

21-points NT is all we know so far on this buck.

What we can tell you is Nova Scotia does have B&C bucks on record, but not that many.

Rank among all states and provinces

#37 of 52 non-typical (16)
#49 of 53 (7)


Matt Ford 2012
IL Bow
November 11, 2012

Knox County, Illinois

Reported 219-1/8 with bases 8-1/8 & 7-3/8


Patrick Perry 2012
Idaho NT
November 5, 2012

I recently tagged this buck in Idaho. I don't have any official score on him, but the unofficial width is 30.5 inches, widest main beam spread, 7 x 6 (not including eyeguards). I have sent an email to an official B&C scorer to arrange an official score to be taken.

Patrick Perry
Idaho Air National Guard


Ryan 2012
Missouri NT Bow
November 5, 2012

I harvested this guy October 31st in northwest Missouri and had him officially green scored last night. He grosses 215-7/8 and nets 204-6/8.


Jim Wilson
Virginia Wide
November 5, 2012

Taken on 10/30/12 by Jim Wilson from near Chase City, VA.

Reported to have a greatest spread of 32-inches.

According to B&C records the typical whitetail with the greatest spread was taken in 1964 from Todd County, KY by C.W. Shelton. The top 5 greatest spreads are 34-4/8, 33, 32-5/8, 32-4/8 and 32-3/8.


Carter Clements 2012
Saskatchewan NT Bow
November 5, 2012

A southern Saskatchewan NT mulie taken with a bow by Carter Clements. Reported to score 239-6/8, 230-0/8 from a 203-4/8 typical frame.


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