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Picked Up, Adams Co., IL 2004
Too Smart to Fall to a Hunter
November 29, 2004

Eric, Troy, and Jerry Peters were duck hunting near the Mississippi River the weekend before the shotgun deer opener. Hunting was slow, so they went for a walk into the area they were going to deer hunt the following week. They encountered a great buck, but not quite in the condition they would have liked. They contacted a local conservation officer and were issued a tag to be able to keep the deer. The officer said he believed the buck had only been dead a couple of days and had died of natural causes.


Locked Warriors
All This Just For Love
November 29, 2004

No story accompanies this photo yet. Perhaps none is needed, as the picture tells most of the tale. This must have been one heck of a fight.

UPDATE: This photo is reported to be from the Rocksprings, Texas area.


Lititz, PA 2004
Pennsylvania Superbuck
November 29, 2004

This buck was supposedly taken in the archery season in the Amish farm country near Lititz, Pennsylvania. Reports say that the hunter was drawing on an eight-pointer when this big bruiser came in and ran him off. The inside spread is supposedly over 25".


Brandon Roth, Ventura Co., CA 2004
Hunter Younger Than Trophy?
November 29, 2004

Doug Roth submitted this photo of his son Brandon with Brandon's first black bear. It was taken in Ventura County, California this October. Doug green-scored the skull at 20-7/16, with an official score to soon follow.
Boone and Crockett's minimum all-time score for black bear is 21, but the three-year awards period minimum is 20. Congratulations, Brandon, on a great bear.


David Jones, IL 2003
One of the Greatest in Illinois History
November 29, 2004

David Jones took this tremendous non-typical whitetail in Illinois during the archery season in 2003. The buck was recently accepted by B&C at 266-4/8. This places the buck third all-time in the whitetail mecca of Illinois. What a tremendous trophy.


Unknown, 2004
Wide, Heavy, and Awesome
November 29, 2004

How do you adequately describe a monster muley of this magnitude? The mass and beauty of this lifetime trophy are practically immeasurable. That is one great mule deer and one happy hunter. Hopefully we will know more on this monarch soon.

UPDATE: John Grubich harvested this great buck in 2003, likely in Wyoming. Reported stats: 37-5/8" widest spread, 9x10, and approximate score of 216-3/8.


Jamey Weinberg, MN 2004
One Big Doe
November 29, 2004

Jamey Weinberg was hunting near Mora, Minnesota this November when he encountered this great buck, only it wasn't (a buck, that is). Upon further inspection, there were no male genitalia whatsoever on the animal.


Rick Schoenrock 2003
Minnesota Non-typical
November 8, 2004

Pat Doege submitted this photo of a buck taken by a member of their party. Rick Schoenrock shot this buck in Wadena County on the Saturday opener.

UPDATE: This buck was recently accepted at 219-5/8. The buck has 27 measureable points (14x13) and has 54-2/8" of extras. It now ranks #46 all-time in Minnesota.


Clay Heuett, AZ 2003
Another 400+ Arizona Bull
November 8, 2004

Here is another big bull coming out of the White Mountains of Arizona.  Hunter, Clay Heuett.  9x9, non-typical bull.  Offical Pope & Young score is 428-6/8. Clay's bull is also eligible for entry in B&C because B&C accepts trophies taken by any legal means. However, we have not yet received any entry materials for it. Hopefully, Mr. Heuett will enter it in B&C and give it the recognition it is due.

UPDATE: Clay's big bull was accepted in the 25th Awards Period at a score of 429-6/8. It received the fourth place award for non-typical American elk at B&C's 25th Big Game Awards.


Jackson Jenkins 2003
Missed the 10... Took the 16
November 8, 2004

I harvested this 16 pointer at 70 yards with a shotgun in Crawford County, IL. I was hunting a very brushy creek bottom connecting two large plots of woods. I was using my grandfather’s shotgun, which I was not very familiar with. There was a break, 70 yards away, in the thick brush that was about 25 yards wide. A very nice 10 pointer stepped into the opening, I missed the 10-pointer, but then this 16 pointer stepped into view. After missing the 10-pointer, I realized the gun was shooting high, so with my LAST slug, I dropped the buck. I've always believed there's a reason for every miss.

UPDATE: Final score on this buck is 193-2/8. Eyeguards on this great buck are 9-3/8" and 9", respectively.


Mark Hathaway, MT 2003
The Breaks
November 8, 2004

Mark Hathaway harvested this bighorn ram in the Missouri River Breaks north of Winifred, Montana, on October 15, 2003. The "green" score is 190 with 16-inch bases. The official score will be submitted to B&C's Records Department within the next few weeks.

UPDATE: Mark's massive Montana ram was accepted at 189 B&C.


Brian Andrews, Iowa 2003
Iowa Giant
November 8, 2004

Brian Andrews, 16, of Independence, IA, poses with the monster buck he shot Nov. 13 with his bow and arrow in Buchanan County. No official score has been sent in yet.

UPDATE: This megabuck officially scores 253-1/8. It has a 194-2/8 typical frame, 58-7/8" in abnormal points, and main beams of 30-1/8" and 27-3/8". That places it 7th all-time in the whitetail heaven that is Iowa.


Don Haley 2003
Dad's Buck
November 8, 2004

Don Haley's son Robert poses with his 24 pt. free-ranging buck taken on 11/24/2003 from Montague Co. in North Texas. It was green scored at 206-1/8.

UPDATE: Don's tremendous triple-dropper was accepted in August 2004 at 205-1/8.


Ronnie Stephens 2003
Kentucky 12-point
November 8, 2004

This is a great Henry County, Kentucky, buck killed by Ronnie Stephens on 11-10-2003.  It has been green scored by an official B&C scorer at 183-2/8 typical. It is a 12-pointer with a 25 inch spread and will be officially scored in January.

UPDATE: Ronnie's big typical has been accepted at 176 B&C, 48th on that state's all-time list.


Anthony Summit 2003
Entry in the Mail
November 8, 2004

This buck was taken on Dec. 2,2003, in Northern Saskatchewan by Anthony Summit. He was hunting with Sonntag Outfitters. He says, "My paperwork and photos are on the way."
UPDATE: Anthony's huge typical was accepted by the Club at 175-3/8. It has 9-inch eyeguards and 39-6/8" of mass measurements.


Robert Weaver 2004
A Brown Volkswagen
November 8, 2004

Kearnan Tomlinson excitedly reports that her dad, Robert Weaver, nabbed this impressive Alaska brown bear while hunting near Cordova, Alaska, in early May 2004. She reports that it unofficially green scored 29 inches before the end of the 60 day drying period and that it weighed just under 1,000 lbs. He also said, "It looked like a brown Volkswagen."

UPDATE: Robert E. Weaver's great Alaska Brown Bear was recently accepted in the Club's 26th Awards Program, making the all-time records minimum at 28-3/16 (minimum is 28).


Ed Kinney, Colorado 2003
First in 57 Years
November 8, 2004

I recently sent in my application to Boone and Crockett for a typical whitetail buck that I shot on Nov 8, 2003. It has been scored at 186-5/8 points by Bob Davies, Colorado Division of Wildlife Officer. This will be my first trophy animal taken in over 57 years of hunting.

UPDATE: Ed Kinney's tremendous Colorado typical whitetail was officially accepted on 10-4-04 at 192-1/8. This great buck is now the Colorado state record!


Mario Kriete 2003
Getting Him Scored
November 8, 2004

Mario Kriete arrowed this buck on Nov. 7, 2003, in Callaway County, Missouri. He says, "I shot him at 20 yards that morning after not being able to draw him in close enough the evening before. I will get him officially scored."

UPDATE: Mario's long-tined typical has been accepted at 160-3/8. Outstanding features on this buck are his eyeguards at 10-1/8" and 11-4/8". He also has 26-inch main beams.


Chad Goetten, IL 2003
Mass Upon Mass
November 8, 2004

Trophy Watch, This photo has been making its rounds on several Internet discussion boards during the past month. I have no details behind the buck, the hunter or the location where this beast was killed. I'm hoping you (or TrophyWatch regulars) can give me some details. The antlers just look too massive to be real. Any clues? Thanks, Adam Heggenstaller

UPDATE: Chad Goetten shows off the 25-point buck he shot in the Fieldon, Illinois area. Goetten said this is by far the biggest buck he has ever seen. After 60 days the buck will be B&C scored to see if it is a new county record. Green scored estimated at 248.

FINAL UPDATE: Chad's monstrous non-typical was accepted at 234-7/8. It has 6-7/8" and 7-2/8" bases, and a mind-boggling 54-7/8" in total mass measurements. Surely, this will be one of the most massive deer ever to be recorded.


Jerry Bryant, IL 2001
New #4 All Time Non-typical Whitetail
November 8, 2004

Crossbow hunter Jerry Bryant took what has been accepted as the new #4 All-time non-typical whitetail. It was taken in Fulton, Co., IL, during the 2001 season. The buck’s final score will be verified in 2004 by the 25th Awards Program Judges Panel.
Jerry’s buck also qualifies as the 2nd largest whitetail ever taken by a hunter. The #1 and #2 All-time non-typicals where both pick-ups (Missouri Buck – 333-7/8 and Hole-in-the-Horn – 328-2/8). The current #1 hunter taken non-typical was taken by Tony Lovstuen in 2003 in Monroe Co., Iowa and scores 307-5/8.

UPDATE: Jerry Bryant's great non-typical came for review at the 25th Awards Judges' Panel. Final score is 304-3/8. It is a 17x20 and has 113-2/8" of abnormal points.

NOTE:Read the complete story of the Bryant Buck in the Spring 2003 issue of Fair Chase magazine.


Nick Franklin, AZ 2003
The Herd Bull
November 8, 2004

Arizona resident Nick Franklin dropped this massive 9x10 with a bow on 9/18/03. It was green scored by an Official B&C Measurer at 439-6/8.

UPDATE: Franklin's bull came for review at the 25th Awards Judges' Panel. The result was a final score of 444-4/8. Ronald N. "Nick" Franklin received the First Award for non-typical American elk at the 25th Awards Program.


Huston and Snyder, MO 2003
Missouri Double
November 8, 2004

Here's a couple of great bucks from mid-Missouri. The top picture is Nick Huston with a buck taken with a rifle during the November firearms season. The second photo is Will Snyder. He took his during the regular gun season while hunting with his dad. Dad was tired, so he went to the truck, and Will shot the buck!

UPDATE: Nick Huston's typical was recently accepted at 176-2/8, and Will Snyder's has been accepted at 160-4/8. Two great typicals from the Show-Me State!


Idaho, 1997
Unknown Non-typical
November 5, 2004

We have had many inquiries about this big buck, which is reported to be a general season buck from Idaho. To date, that is all that is known. If you know the details, we'd love to hear the story on this fantastic mule deer.

Update: This huge buck was reportedly taken by Jeremy Burbank. It is close to 37-1/2" wide and rough-scored approximately 235. That's one big deer.


Easterville, Manitoba
Trophy in the Making
November 5, 2004

This little guy probably has no idea just how special and unique he is. What a treasure. First reports were that this bear was from Pennsylvania. More detailed reports are saying that the photo was taken near Easterville, Manitoba. A website visitor reported that these two bears were regulars along the highway there. It is reported that the mother may have died and that the cub is now believed to be in the Winnepeg Zoo.


Eric Peters, Illinois 2003
Illinois Shotgun Non-typical
November 5, 2004

This massive non-typical was taken by Eric Peters in Adams County, Illinois in November of 2003. The official score on this great all-time buck is 219-6/8. It has a 9" droptine and had another which was broken off. It has 54" worth of abnormal points and over 44" of mass. What a buck!


Andre Forget, Quebec 2004
Rare "Double Double" Bez Points
November 5, 2004

This outstanding Quebec-Labrador caribou was taken out of Schefferville, Quebec in September, 2004. This rare and amazing trophy has twin bez palms on both sides. What a lifetime trophy! Congratulations Andre!


Cub Rezin, Colorado 2004
First Archery Buck
November 5, 2004

This tremendous archery muley was taken in September in Colorado. Cub's first archery trophy is reported to be 31-1/2" wide, with 18" G-2's, and should score very close to B&C's all-time minimum for typical mule deer at 190. Congratulations, Cub, on a fantastic stick-n-string buck.


Chuck Edrington, KY 2003
Kentucky Cornfield Typical
November 5, 2004

Chuck Edrington was hunting in Carlisle County, KY on Nov. 9, 2003 when he encountered this incredible typical. The big buck was slipping out of a one-acre thicket surrounded by cornfields at 3:00 p.m. Chuck made a 300-yard shot with his Browning to bring the big buck's reign to an end. The final official score on Chuck's great whitetail is 182-2/8.


Missouri, 2004
New Missouri Number 4?
November 5, 2004

A buck like this is liable to leave a hunter standing with quivering legs! First reports on this lifetime buck are that it "green" scored 195 typical, and was taken with a bow from the ground! It was also rumored to have come from the Poosey Conservation Area in Livingston County, Missouri.


Arizona 2004
Giant San Carlos Bull
November 5, 2004

We don't have too much information on this big bull yet, other than photos (although we can't wait to hear more). First reports are that it is from the famed San Carlos Indian Reservation. Close looks at multiple angles make it appear that this bull is a 10x12, at a minimum!


Shayne Parker, Yukon 2004
Second Big Stone's Ram
November 5, 2004

Shayne Parker harvested this gorgeous ram on August 16th, 2004 in the south-central Yukon area. It has 41" and 40" horns, and should score right around 163 B&C. This is the second great ram Shayne has taken. His first, a big 171-6/8 all-time records book ram, was entered in B&C's 25th Big Game Awards Program.


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