Technical Support for Boone and Crockett Club eBooks

Downloading and using Boone and Crockett Club’s eBooks is quick and easy. However, if this is your first experience purchasing one of these products from our website, it is essential that you read, print out, and follow these instructions.


You will not be able to download your B&C eBook file if:

  • cookies are disabled on your computer, or
  • a firewall prevents you from downloading files from the Internet.

Requirements for Using Boone and Crockett Club eBook Files (Windows and Macintosh)

  • A decompression utility, like 7-zip (for Windows) or StuffIt Expander (for Macintosh), both of which can be downloaded for free.
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader, (for Windows or for Macintosh) which can be downloaded for free.

Quickstart Guide
To download, expand, and use your Boone and Crockett Club eBook:

  • Download the ZIP file in which the eBook is archived. After purchasing through our web store, you will see a link to the eBook file to download.
  • Expand the file ZIP you just downloaded.
  • Double click the PDF file of your eBook.

More detailed instructions on how to accomplish these steps for both Windows and Mac users are provided below.


  • Click the "Download Now" button to begin downloading the file to your computer. You will find this link on your final confirmation page of your purchase. This link will also be included in the email confirmation you receive.
  • Write down both the exact name of the file and the folder on your hard drive that the file is saved to. We highly recommend creating a folder a specific folder on your computer's Desktop and downloading the file into that folder, where it will be easy to find.
  • If you can't successfully download the file because your Internet connection breaks off, try again. If you still have problems, contact technical support at
  • Once the download is complete, use a decompression utility, like 7-zip (for Windows) or StuffIt Expander (for Macintosh), to expand the ZIP archive. If you need additional help on extracting files, you can get it from your decompression utility's Help menu.
  • Find and open the folder into which you extracted the .ZIP archive. This folder contains several files, and in some cases additional folders with bonus materials such as score charts.
  • Locate the text file title ReadMe – BEMS3.rff. Print and review the Read Me file, which has detailed instructions on how to use your eBook.
  • Find and double click the PDF file in the open folder. Double clicking the PDF file will launch Adobe Acrobat Reader and open your eBook. (If you haven't already installed Adobe Reader, you download it for free from Adobe's website.)

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