Records of North American Mule Deer, First Edition See Larger Image

The definitive history book for trophy mule deer, Columbia blacktail, and Sitka blacktail in North America! This first-ever records book dedicated to mule deer and related subspecies features:

- Over 4,500 listings of mule deer, Columbia blacktail, and Sitka blacktail from the Boone and Crockett Club's Records Program dating back to the late 1800s up through January 31, 2009.

- Over 28 new state and provincial records.

- Geographic analysis from the lower 48 states including detailed county maps and corresponding tables.

- Individual state and provincial lists for typical and non-typical mule deer, Columbia blacktail deer, and Sitka blacktail deer.

- Informative chapters from today's top outdoor writers, plus the Mule Deer Foundation.


Paper back

Over 140 black and white images, over a dozen color field photographs, and 20 maps

504 pages

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