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The most complete records book available - containing a list of over 22,000 trophies, the stories about all the current World's Records trophies, and hundreds of field and portrait photographs of the greatest big game animals ever taken!

Records of North American Big Game is much more than a book of records-keeping statistics, it is a history book of big game animals in North America. Informative chapters, hunting stories, and hundreds of portrait and field photographs make this book an exceptional resource for hunters and sportsmen and provides hours of reading enjoyment. And now, for the first time ever, the Boone and Crockett Club is offering the latest edition in a quality paperback at an affordable price.

Readers will be delighted to view hundreds of photographs of top-scoring trophies that haven't been published for decades and track their individual measurements in the book. Along with the detailed listing of over 22,000 trophies ranked by their all-time scores, this book also includes eight chapters by some of today's most popular outdoor writers including Craig Boddington, Jim Zumbo, and Jim Shockey.

In its twelfth edition since the original book was published over 75 years ago, this latest edition has over 900-pages filled with valuable information for today's hunters, outdoorsmen, and game managers.

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