The Legendary Hunts of Theodore Roosevelt - B&C Edition - SIGNED BY THE ARTIST! See Larger Image

Acclaimed wildlife artist John Seerey-Lester takes you on a historic journey in words and paintings that will make you feel as though you were there, sharing the exciting adventures with the former president in the new book, The Legendary Hunts of Theodore Roosevelt.

Published by Sporting Classics--in a special BOONE AND CROCKETT EDITION--this much anticipated new book features over 50 true stories devoted to Roosevelt's most spectacular hunts on three continents. Complementing Seerey-Lester's fascinating text will be some 120 of his paintings and sketches, which altogether provide a fascinating glimpse into the life of the former president and his passion for wildlife and adventure.

The book covers TR's most active years as an outdoorsman from the 1870s until his death in 1919. It begins with TR's first hunt as a 5 year old, and then tells of his brother Elliot and a thrilling story involving a massive herd of bison on the Western plains. You will share in TR's excitement and frustration as a rancher in the Badlands of the Dakotas; of hunting grizzlies in buckskin and moccasins; of several harrowing incidents in that set the stage for TR's illustrious life as one of the world's foremost adventurers.

You will travel with TR and his son Kermit as they lift the veil off the Dark Continent during their memorable safari through British East and Central Africa. In Seerey-Lester's rich paintings of Africa, you will feel the danger, taste the dust, and smell the campfire smoke. You will share the discomfort of the freezing cold conditions when TR hunted in the Bitterroot Mountains and was forced to kill a hand.

The Legendary Hunts of Theodore Roosevelt will take you along on TR's last great adventure to the Brazilian rain forest and down the River of Doubt. There, you will witness an unbelievable series of hardships, disease, drowning, and murder, which brought the President to the brink of suicide.

Tweed Roosevelt, TR's great grandson, who penned the foreword for the new book says: "Seerey-Lester has an extraordinary ability to bring to life the high drama of the hunt. TR, of course, could supply him with an almost unending series of opportunities to display his artistry."


Boone and Crockett Club has partnered with John Seerey-Lester and Sporting Classics to release a special Boone and Crockett Edition of The Legendary Hunts of Theodore Roosevelt. This special edition includes several pages of exclusive content about Theodore Roosevelt and B&C not found in the regular edition and is only available from the Boone and Crockett Club.

- Includes exclusive Boone and Crockett Club content, not found in the regular edition.

- Limited to 500 numbered copies.

- Special tipped-in signature page autographed by John Seerey-Lester.

- Comes with a signed giclee print by John Seerey-Lester.

- Gold-foil stamped cover in a matching slipcase.

Once the 500 copies of the B&C Edition are sold, no more will be printed.

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