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Conservation of biological diversity

First Adopted July 27, 2011 - Updated September 27, 2011


Situational Overview

Biological diversity is the richness, abundance and variability of plant and animal species, including humans, biological communities and ecological processes that link all living things with one another and with soils, air and waters in ecological systems.

Biological diversity contributes to the productivity and renewability of ecological systems and, through its many values and benefits, to human well-being. In turn, growing human populations and levels of poverty are causing changes in biological diversity that are beyond natural historical rates and scope. Extinction and endangerment of plant and animal species are manifestations of these changes. Recovery and restoration of once rare species and habitats is a positive human response to these changes. Human actions can and do lead to both positive and negative outcomes for biological diversity.


The Boone and Crockett Club supports the conservation of biological diversity through individual and agency initiative based on scientifically sound and socially responsive actions for the protection, restoration, management, and/or sustainable uses of specific attributes of diversity, such as plant or animal populations or communities. Such conservation of biological diversity should occur as integral parts of actions to meet overall social, economic and environmental goals for specific places at specific times.

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