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The Sagamore Hill Medal is given by the Roosevelt family in memory of Theodore Roosevelt (Founder and first President of the Boone and Crockett Club), Theodore Roosevelt, Jr., and Kermit Roosevelt. It was created in 1948. It may be awarded by the Big Game Final Awards Judges Panel, if in their opinion there is an outstanding trophy worthy of great distinction. Only one may be given in any Big Game Awards program. A special award may also be presented by the Executive Committee of the Boone and Crockett Club for distinguished devotion to the objectives of the Club. The Sagamore Hill Medal is the highest award given by the Boone and Crockett Club

Below is a list of all the recipients of the Sagamore Hill Trophy Award:

1948 - Robert C. Reeve
Alaska brown bear
Score: 29-13/16
Location: Cold Bay, Alaska

1949 - E.C. Haase
Rocky Mountain goat
Score: 56-6/8
Location: Babine Mts., British Columbia
1950 - Dr. R.C. Bentzen
typical wapiti
Score: 441-6/8
Location: Bighorn Mts., Wyoming

1951 - George Lesser
woodland caribou
Score: 405-4/8
Location: Gander River, Newfoundland

1953 - Edison Pillmore
typical mule deer
Score: 203-7/8
Location: North Park, Colorado
1957 - Frank Cook
Dall’s sheep
Score: 185-6/8
Location: Chugach Mts., Alaska
1959 - Fred C. Mercer
typical wapiti
Score: 419-4/8
Location: Madison County, Montana

1961 - Harry L. Swank Jr.
Dall’s sheep
Score: 189-6/8
Location: Wrangell Mts., Alaska

1963 - Norman Blank
Stone’s sheep
Score: 190-6/8
Location: Sikanni River, British Columbia

1965 - Melvin J. Johnson
typical whitetail
Score: 204-4/8
Location: Peoria County, Illinois
1973 - Doug Burris Jr.
typical mule deer
Score: 226-4/8
Location: Dolores County, Colorado

1976 - Garry Beaubien
mountain caribou
Score: 452
Location: Turnagain River, BC

1986 - Michael J. O’Haco, Jr.
Score: 93-4/8
Location: Coconino County, Arizona
1989 - Gene C. Alford
Score: 16-3/16
Location: Idaho County, Idaho
1992 - Charles E. Erickson Jr.
non-typical Coues’ whitetail
Score: 155
Location: Gila County, Arizona
2001 - Gernot Wober
Rocky Mountain goat
Score: 56-6/8
Location: Bella Coola, British Columbia

2010 - paul t. deuling
mountain caribou
Score: 459-3/8
Location: Pelly Mountains, Yukon Territory

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