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COURSE History

CAB was developed in 2001 by Dr. Lisa Flowers and Dr. Selma Glasscock with the intent of teaching educators how natural resource conservation issues are tightly linked to the biology, ecology, geology, history and culture of North American landscapes.  Since 2001 over 200 teachers representing 21 U.S. states, Mexico, and South Africa have completed CAB courses. The overarching goal is to engage and train educators to observe, investigate, analyze and consider from a systems perspective the underlying components and mechanisms involved in wildlife conservation.

Originally course participants traveled between the Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Ranch Dupuyer, MT and the Welder Wildlife Foundation, Sinton, TX in a 16-day program.  To shorten the length of the program, the course was split between the two locations and participants could attend one or both courses. Today the course is taught only in Texas locations.


Selma N. Glasscock, Ph.D., CWB
Assistant Director, Welder Wildlife Foundation
PO Box 1400
Sinton, TX 78387

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