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Kyle Van Why
Restoration of the Louisiana Black Bear into Suitable Habitats

Click here for a complete background on the Boone and Crockett Club's Conservation Grants Program.

Consider B&C's Conservation Grants Program as a convenient and effective way to invest in wildlife research and future professionals.

Every year, the Conservation Grants Program receives more worthy projects than it can fund. Currently the program consists of an endowment account named the William I. Spencer Conservation Grants Program to honor the memory of a distinguished Boone and Crockett Club leader. We invite other groups and individuals to consider the Conservation Grants Program as a convenient and effective way to invest in wildlife research and future professionals. The program has an effective system in place to solicit proposals on specified themes, evaluate submissions for quality and merit, and administer the delivery of funds and the receipt of products. By partnering with the Boone and Crockett Club, other donors can target their investments for maximum effect, while avoiding the work and expense of soliciting, evaluating, and administering grants.

Funding partnerships can take different forms, depending on the partner’s objectives and preferences. Some examples include:

  • The partner has special interest in a particular theme that the Club has selected for a Conservation Grants competition, and contributes funds to increase the amount available for distribution. This results in an increased number of projects that can be funded in a given year.
  • The partner has a theme that it wishes to sponsor, additional to the Club’s selected theme. This results in the launching of research on more than one important topic in a given year, and increases the number of projects overall that can be supported. In all phases of the competition and follow-through, the partner would receive full recognition as the sponsor of that research theme.
  • The partner wishes to establish a new conservation grants program, perhaps to honor somebody or to initiate research in a specific topic area. This would be managed as a parallel program to the William I. Spencer Conservation Grants Program, using the existing structure and processes to solicit, evaluate, and administer the awards.

Undoubtedly there are other options that could be considered, and we would be pleased to discuss them with prospective partners. Please direct your inquires to Dr. Joshua Millspaugh, Conservation Grants Subcommittee Chair at

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