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Updated August 17, 2012

This program is designed to provide science-based knowledge from seasoned wildlife professionals and educators to college graduates in the wildlife field to better prepare the graduates for the responsible and wise management of wildlife in the future.

The Boone and Crockett Club currently has four operating universityprograms, three of which have an endowed professorship and one joined by an extension specialist and an executive in residence. Seventeen graduate students are currently enrolled and five graduated in the last year. And more than 100 undergraduate students have held internships in Washington, D.C., and studied conservation policy there and in the classroom. All programs are producing numerous journal and magazine articles, book chapters, and books.

New programs are in development for Colorado State University, Oklahoma State University, and University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point. We have received two proposals for additional programs, which are now under review as well.

We have upgraded oversight of this program by compiling past internal reviews of each program, completing a second-party review of the entire program, and appointing a committee for future internal reviews and oversight.

Further refinements, such as networking among our programs and with our alumni, are forthcoming. These improvements will provide national opportunities to guide conservation with reliable field biology and sound policies while also offering mid-course fellows more opportunities for professional activities and employment after graduation.

The University
of Montana
Since 1992

4 students currently enrolled. Students are focussing on mule deer, bison, and caribou research.


Texas A&M
Since 2005

5 students currently enrolled. Studies pertain to the inovolvement of citizens in conservation and ho hunting raises awareness about conservation in communities, among manty other social science questions.


Since 2007

1 student currently enrolled,
1 student supported. New research in development on elk forage and herbicide use.


Michigan State
Since 2008

1 student currently enrolled,
1 student supported. New research in development on elk forage and herbicide use.

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