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Last updated March 20, 2009

Educational Links:

No Need for a Saturday Night on-line video for classroom use
Join six Montana poets in toasting our rich fish and wildlife resources and colorful outdoor heritage. In "No Need for a Saturday Night," Jack Gladstone, Mike Logan, Wally McRae, Rob Quist, Sandy Seaton, and Paul Zarzyski present and inspiring look at the Montana Way of Life. 30 minutes.

Bull Trout on-line video and teachers guide
Short documentary about Bull Trout and teachers guide. 12 minute video

Landscape on-line video and teachers guide
Public perceptions of the American West have been molded, in part, by the wilderness images of nineteenth century artist Albert Bierstadt and the cowboy paintings of Charles M. Russell.  Although these two views of the West are endlessly appealing, we cannot continue to base our decisions on historic perceptions of the West that have been swept away by the passing of time.

LANDSCAPE is the story of Larry Zabel's quest to create a new image of today's West.  How, he wonders, can the visions of Bierstadt and Russell be fused?  Must they always be in conflict? Or, can the visions come together in some kind of common ground?  Can he bring these two historic views of the American West to the same canvas? 28 minutes.

Hunter Behavior on-line video
Short video on hunter behavior. 12 minute video.

Bears on-line video
Outdoor report on bears! 12 minutes.

Montana Natural Resource Information System
This is an excellent site for geographical information. You can download maps using a variety of parameters, including Watershed. Plan to spend some time exploring this site. 


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