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B&C Partners with IHEA and Cabela's to Produce Hunting Ethics DVD

An educational DVD intended to explore the single most critical element facing the future of hunting and our wildlife – the continued public acceptance of recreational hunting.This professionally produced DVD covers such topics as where ethics come from, what they mean, how these ethics can change over time, and why they are important.

Questions such as:

  • Do ethics apply to the land
  • Are obeying game laws enough
  • Is hunting a right or a privilege, or both
  • Plus others will be asked and answered in this inspirational video.  

Must viewing for all who hunt, or are curious about hunting.

Chain of Respect - Hunting Ethics and the North American Sportsmen

  • Produced by: Boone and Crockett Club, International Hunter Education Association and Cabela’s
  • Narrated by: Shane Mahoney
  • Run Time: 22 minutes



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