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On-line Trophy Search

For months we've been coordinating our efforts to bring our Associates their very own on-line community and we finally launched on November 1st! Only Associates and Official Measurers of the Boone and Crockett have access to this secure area of our web site.

Join as a Boone and Crockett Associates today and you'll have access to:

Searchable field photos - Search our growing collection of field photos by categories, locations, years, or by the hunter's name. Photos will be continually uploaded throughout the year.

Individual Scoring Database - Keep track of the trophies you score on-line by creating your own personal scoring database. You're able to view a listing of all the trophies you've stored, modify the charts as necessary, and view/print the score chart.

Archive of Fair Chase articles - Scan through a list of articles from past issue of Fair Chase. You'll be able to download these individual articles in PDF format. The most recently articles are currently listed and prior years will be added throughout the remainder of the year.

Manage your account - Update your mailing address, change your username and password on-line. Coming soon you'll be able to renew your subscription on-line as well.

If you're not already an Associate of the Club, please take a moment to review all the benefits that come with joining the Boone and Crockett Club Associates Program.

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