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Field Photo Winners Selected
Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Fair Chase, the official publication of the Boone and Crockett Club announced the results of the second annual Swarovski trophy field photo competition. All trophies that were accepted in 2010 were eligible and automatically entered into the contest. Judges fore the contest included Fair Chase editors and staff and additional guest judges from the Big Game Records Department and Swarovski Optik.

In 2010, the Boone and Crockett Club received 1,773 qualifying record book trophies. From all field photos received with these entries, 80 were selected as finalists.

Each judge was then asked to select their 20 favorite photographs, as well as their top overall pick. Each pick received one point and the top picks received four points. As many of the judges noted, all of these images are fine examples of quality field photographs. Judging field photos is a subjective task as beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We hope you enjoy and pick up a few tips for the next time you’re in the field.




Clear stand out. This is a remarkable example of using your surroundings to improve a photograph. The antlers are well positioned to show their uniqueness and the composition with the group is well done. -J.H.

Excellent composition and background - K.K.

I chose this photo because of the fine composition, beautiful animal and grand scenery. - W.K.

To me this drips big game hunting at its finest. The unbelievable country, the animal that lived there, the effort shown on exhausted, but proud faces all having taken part in a group-shared experience, frozen in time in a well composed single photograph - K.B.

Kanina M. Fulton

Mountain Caribou

Score: 373 5/8

Rabbit River, British Columbia

September 2006


Swarovski STM 65 HD Spotting Scope

While it is very difficult to find a bad field photo of a Stone’s sheep, this one is especially impressive. A field photo needs to capture the essence of the hunt and this does so perfectly. There is no visible blood, the ram is positioned very naturally, and as we commonly see, it is in some of the most gorgeous country in North America. - J.S.

L. Victor Clark

Stone’s Sheep

Score: 165 3/8

Ogilvie Mts., Yukon Territory

September 2009



Swarovski EL 10x42 WB Binoculars



This is a proud and happy hunter, remote landscape, legal tag on antler, framing, and antlers against the sky help define the trophy - S.W.

James W. Hamberlin

Non-typical Mule Deer

Score: 235 4/8

Mohave County, Arizona

September 2009


Swarovski Z3 3-9X36 Riflescope

Randy W. Hopp

Typical Coues’ Whitetail

Score: 110 3/8

Grant County, New Mexico

October 2009

This ia a beautiful deer with a great view reflecting the habitat it came from. - H.M.


Byron Whitney

Dall’s Sheep

Score: 160 2/8

Snake River, Yukon

August 2009


Canaan W. Haywood

Non-Typical Whitetail

Score: 200 4/8

Wabash County, Indiana

November 2009 

What a magnificent animal taken by a youth hunter. - T.S.


Kaylie N. Marlen

Bighorn Sheep

Score: 182 7/8

Teton County, Montana

November 2009


Jimmy J. Liautaud

Bighorn Sheep

Score: 198

Chouteau County, Montana

September 2009

Gregory Menzies

Mountain Caribou

Score: 411 3/8

Arctic Red River, NT

September 2009

Cole G. Medlin

Typical Whitetail Deer

Score: 180 1/8

La Salle County, Texas

December 2009

It is obvious that some effort went into composing this photo. A youth hunter and his guide are happily posing with the youth’s outstanding and well positioned trophy. They’re both smiling, and I like how the guide has his arm around the successful hunter. I also like how they used the beautiful blue sky for a backdrop. - J.R.




Bryce M. Towsley

Musk Ox

Score: 119

Inulik Lake, Nunavut

March 2005


Jason J. Gisi

Typical Mule Deer

Score: 188

Sonora, Mexico

January 2006


Larry A. Meyer

Musk Ox

Score: 28 2/8

Kugluktuk, Nunavut

March 2010


Dean Stebner

Typical Whitetail Deer

Score: 179 3/8

Carroll County, Ohio

November 2009 


Kerry G. Keane


Score: 80

Sioux County, Nebraska

October 2009 


Rene R. Barrientos

Non-Typical Whitetail

Score: 219 3/8

La Salle County, Texas

October 2009 


Perry S. Burch

Dall’s Sheep

Score: 166

Mackenzie Mts., Northwest Territory

July 2006

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