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Get Ready for Season III of Leupold Big Game Profiles
Friday, June 06, 2008

If you have been a fan of the first two seasons, you won't be disappointed with our new format. If you will be catching the show for the first time, we doubt you will have seen anything in outdoor programming that will compare.


Our hunting/wildlife documentary series will continue with a new twist—the records book. We have referenced the B&C archives to point the Big Game Profiles cameras in the direction of those destinations across North America noted for producing record-class trophies. In addition to hunting these locations, we will profile each of these regions and ask and answer questions such as why Arizona grows the biggest bulls, what’s going through a Kansas whitetail’s mind during the rut, or what is harder to field-judge, caribou or pronghorn?


Each episode will be a profile of a different species in a different region. Season III will pick up where we left off with Seasons I & II in offering a documentary-style in-depth look at the big-game treasures that have held our passion and imagination for generations.



Click here for the full schedule for Season III.

 Big Game Profiles Season III Colorado Mule Deer

Leupold Big Game Profiles cameras traveled to one hotbed for trophy mule deer, Garfield County, Colorado, for Episode 27 airing the first week in July.

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