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This page will display a timed popup after a set number seconds. You can set the number of seconds before it opens and the the height/width/URL of the popup window content. These settings can be found in the source code of this page, which is in this file: /news/test_popup.asp.

The file which contains the actual popup window content is /news/test_popup_window.asp.

Once you have the popup window customized to display the way you want it to, we can add code so that when the popup is closed, a cookie is set which prevents the popup from displaying again until the cookie expires (or is deleted). There is a setting you can customize to control how long the cookie persists (in # of days).

The code libraries that make this work are mostly included in /includes/secondary_header.asp:

  • jquery.min.js (referenced on the Google Developers site)
  • /includes/jquery.colorbox-min.js (core libraries for the popup window)
  • /includes/jquery.colorbox.css (core stylesfor the popup window) -- also /includes/images/
  • /includes/jcookies.jss (basic cookie functionality)

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