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   Meat Hunter Scores World's Record
December 5, 2013

Heinz Naef
World's Record Alaska-Yukon Moose
Yukon River, YT
263-1/8 Official Score*

Armed with an old 303 British, the 6'5" subsistence hunter, Heinz Naef got more than he bargained for. He shot the beast at 35 yards with open sights, and then later hacked off the antlers with a chain saw, nicking them in the process. After all, antlers don't offer much nutrition.

The scoring of the trophy drew much attention in the community. They probably should have sold tickets!

Official measurer Clint Walker tells the story.

"Immediately following this last measurement, I had my helpers go back to the shop, where the rest of the measurements had been made, while I tallied up the score.

There were apx 40 local residents in attendance to watch the measuring take place, which in Dawson City, Yukon, translates to over 3 % of the population of the town and surrounding area!!! Even the two local Royal Canadian Mounted Police officers who were on duty that evening attended to watch!

After determining the official measurement to be 263 1/8 net (267 1/8 gross score), I returned to the shop where everyone was waiting in silence. I approached the hunter, Heinz Naef, and in a quiet tone that could still be heard by everyone in the nearly silent room I said, "Well Heinz, no matter what the measurements are, you have yourself a really great trophy right there" as I pointed to the rack on the table. He humbly hung his head a little, clasped his giant hands together and replied, "Thank you, I know, I know...".

I looked at him for a couple seconds and followed with,
"Unfortunately........(- insert long pause here- and at which point the room let out a collective groan), you are going to have to get it measured by the panel because I have it officially measured at an inch and a half........ (
- insert another pause here-) ......... larger than the current world
record!" The room then erupted deafeningly with cheers of congratulations
for the hunter while pictures and backslaps were certainly aplenty following that moment.

It is such a great story. Taken at 35 yards after a "cat and mouse" stalk by a local hunter whose hunting party was just looking for winter meat, with an old .303 British rifle and open sights, is something that we rarely hear of in today's times. There is nobody more deserving of such honor as being a world record holder, than Heinz!"

There was no skull retained, and no cape! His comments in his swiss accent were; " I should haf, eh?". Haha.... Yes Heinz, you should haf!

*The trophy will be panel scored for verification in Reno, Nevada in January 2014.

Listen to the interview with Heinz on CBC


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