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Daniel Barto 2012
PA New Record?
January 21, 2013

Just had official B&C scorer score my bull at 372-0/8.

Lucky enough to draw tag after 11years of applying since reintroduction of hunting elk in PA. Also lucky enough to get Zone 3, which is where our camp is located.

Our camp is an original PA deer camp built in 1933 by my great grandpap, grandpap and great uncle, which I am named after and also the same year my dad was born. When my 2 grandchildern went through that door it made 6 generations using this camp.

I shot my bull 1/2 mile from camp. Thats just one of the best happenings of this hunt. My 79 yr old dad, 2 of my best friends and 1 of my son-in-laws witnessed the whole hunt. I also had my angel come thru being my brother who passed away 4 yrs ago at age 52. Enjoy picture from a truly blessed hunter.

TW: Over the past ten years PA has climbed to 5th in non-typcial American elk entries (7) and 14th for typical (3).

Current state records are 442-6/8 (Clearfield County, 2011) and 370 (Elk County, 2009) respectively. The oldest entries on record are from 2003. If accepted at this score, this would be the new state record typical.


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