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Fern Spaulding, AK 2006
Little Girl, Big Bear
February 7, 2007

Fern Spaulding was hunting with her dad, Larry Rivers, in May of 2006 when she downed this outstanding Alaska brown bear with a 32-yard shot from a .375 H&H. At only 10 years old, she likely weighed less than half of the hide alone, which weighed 197 lbs.
Email rumors had this bear scoring 33-1/16. The World's Record, taken by Roy Lindsley on Kodiak Island in 1952, scores 30-12/16.
The true score is finally known. This bear has been officially measured at 29-1/16, which is still an incredible trophy, and exceeds the 28-inch All-Time minimum by a healthy margin. The bear's hide "squared" 11' 8" according to Larry. Congratulations to Fern for taking an exceptional trophy!


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