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Cactus Bucks
Cactus Not Recorded
February 1, 2013

Cactus bucks, as they are sometimes called, are not eligible for inclusion into B&C record data, even thought they can make for an unusual and outstanding trophy.

These deer, and sometimes elk, do not shed their antlers annually because of hormone imbalances caused by castration, either mechanical (damaged on fences, perhaps shot off, etc.) or biological (gonads don't drop or aren't developed, disease, etc.). Without annual shedding, antlers continually grow year-round and year to year, and in almost all instances the results are so abnormal they can be unscorable.

This mule deer buck has no discernible main beams, which is common with cactus bucks - points growing from a common base or pedicle.

Such occurrences are rare and their absence from the data represents an insignificant omission when tracking overall trophy numbers, distribution and trends.


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