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Joshua Bruce 2012
Mississippi Super NT
December 31, 2012

Dec 20th 2011 was a day that I will never forget. On that stormy and windy day I harvested a true giant of a buck. I was hunting on an island along the Mississippi River in Adams County that day with winds over 20 mph and gusting a lot faster. We'd seen several bucks that morning, which surprised me. Then it happened. The Rock just appeared. Having history with this buck I knew who he was the moment I saw him. Ive seen this buck 5 times the year before but he was broken up and deemed a no shooter.

After 20 years of hunting and 2 tours to Iraq I found myself to be extremely nervous. The Rock was walking towards me. After bouncing my rifle on the stand a couple times I knew he heard me. With all of his glory he stood there looking in my direction... I could see drop tines, kickers, hight, width, palmated horns, double main beam, double brows and a solid oak tree blocking his vitals. I waited patiently for his next step... What seemed like an eternity to me was only seconds for everyone else. When he stepped out he also stepped away with a small quartering away shot at 175 yards... I squeezed the trigger... Or I must have because the rifle went off. The Rock was down... After a second shot the deal was sealed... Then buck fever set in... Buck fever with the capability of causing a heart attack lol.. I knew he would probably score 200 inches, but over the next few days the score kept growing

Our initial, but very green score was 242 inches. Then our local big buck contest scored him at 273 4/8... No matter what his score is, he is a once in a life time buck. He has 20 scorable points.

Joshua Bruce


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