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   Massive Bighorn Surfaces After 45 Years
November 14, 2013

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The Big. Hom Sheep skull was picked up on the bank of the Thompson River in British Columbia in the late 1960's by a Steelhead fisherman.

He kept it till the late 1980's then passed it on to another Steelhead fisherman who was a friend of mine. My friend knew that I hunted sheep and would like to have the horns.

In the fall of 1999 there was a knock on my door and my friend gave the horns to me as he wasn't interested in getting them mounted.

During the next several years I continued to look for a suitable cape to get the head mounted. I also had to get the head compulsory inspected by the B.C. Fish and Wildlife Branch to verify that I was the owner.

After the necessary paperwork I acquired a suitable cape. Then in 2012 I finally had the head mounted so it could be properly displayed.

Finally, I had it officially scored.


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