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Kenny Fulton 2012
Kansas Tagged
December 31, 2012

I just found the Trophy Watch website and wanted to share a couple photos of the deer I took in Kansas early November this year. I live near Tulsa, Oklahoma but get to hunt Kansas each year with a good friend who lives there. I"ve made tag soup the last 3 years...it all paid off this year. The years and hunting seasons coming home without putting pen to tag have been redeemed.

I took this deer in central Kansas, November 4th (time change day) during the evening hunt...6:32 PM with my bow and could not be more proud.

After tracking him about 35 yards, the attached photos tell the rest. He's at my taxidermist, who is also an official Pope and Young Scorer, and unofficial green score of 205-7/8" gross, and 197-1/8" net. 23 scorable points, 10 right 13 left.

I believe the rack is to be scored by a Boone and Crockett Scorer around January 6th. I'm anxiously waiting the official results of both scores and hope to be submitting the entry in a few weeks.

Kenny Fulton


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