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John Nichols 2009
Ohio Shotgun
December 13, 2010

Update 12/13/10: The official score on this buck taken in 2009 is 204-6/8 - 193-7/8 non-typical.

I took this buck on the morning of Dec. 3, 2009. It has 18 scorable points. Was unofficially green scored over 200 gross. Inside spread is 21-5/8, outside spread is 27 inches, main beams are 24 and 24-4/8.

I first saw this deer at 70 yards with two other bucks feeding in a field in August, while in velvet. Later that week, on August 24 I got a picture of him on one of my trail cameras. He eluded me the entire archery season. Luckily shotgun season was a different story.

John Nichols


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