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Jeremy Williams 2010
Wisconsin Two-Blade
March 22, 2011

After almost twenty years of bow hunting I finally took a buck worthy of Trophy Watch!

We have known he was on the property for three years and I just happened to be the lucky guy who took him. It is a small piece of property hunted hard by many guys and all the neighbors hunt as well. This buck managed to stay away from everyone until this past November 5th he came through following a doe. I took him with my Mathews/Muzzy combination at 24 yards. He fell in sight.

He will be the new Columbia County, WI archery record. He dressed out at 191 pounds and had 21 scorable points. Gross score was 205 7/8, net was 193 2/8.

I almost did not get my chance as there was a very fresh wound behind his right eye. We assumed it was from fighting but when we caped him out there was a two blade Rage broad head stuck between his eye and his ear! Someone else missed the mark just a day or two earlier! It sure did not seem to bother him as he came in trailing that doe with the full vigor of a rut crazed buck. It still seems surreal that such an animal will be hanging on my wall soon. I always wondered what it would be like to harvest a Boone and Crocket animal and now I know. It is truly and honor.

Jeremy Williams


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