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Iowa 2010
Iowa Party Hunt
January 10, 2012

This buck was taken in south central Iowa during the 2010 first gun season - 11 scorable points, 27" main beams and an inside spread of 22 4/8, gross scored 203 0/8 typical and nets over 190".

The hunter has chosen not to enter into the B&C records. Although the Club would prefer this animal, and the county in Iowa, be honored and part of its set of records data, we respect the wishes of trophy owners. There is nothing suspicious about this trophy. It was a legal, fair chase harvest.

Party hunting is a practice whereby one hunter tags an animal he or she has killed with the tag of another person in his or her hunting party.

Although this practice is illegal in most states and provinces, it is allowed in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Iowa, and two Canadian provinces, Manitoba, and Ontario.

The Club accepts all hunter-taken trophies where party-hunting is legal, so long as the animal is taken in Fair Chase. However, the hunter's name will only be listed in B&C publications for trophies killed by the hunter and tagged with the hunter's own tag(s). The hunter's name will be left blank for trophies tagged with the tag of another person. A copy of the license/tag for each trophy must be included with the entry materials, regardless of whose tag was used to tag the animal. These changes are retroactive.

Some states/provinces issue a single license to multiple hunters. For example, Minnesota moose licenses are issued to a party of up to four hunters. The license is filled when any one of the hunters gets a moose. In such cases, all hunters can be listed in the book as hunters and/or owners.

B&C thanks the trophy owner for allowing us to provide some clarity regarding Party Hunting.suspicious


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