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Jackson Jenkins 2003
Missed the 10... Took the 16
November 8, 2004

I harvested this 16 pointer at 70 yards with a shotgun in Crawford County, IL. I was hunting a very brushy creek bottom connecting two large plots of woods. I was using my grandfather’s shotgun, which I was not very familiar with. There was a break, 70 yards away, in the thick brush that was about 25 yards wide. A very nice 10 pointer stepped into the opening, I missed the 10-pointer, but then this 16 pointer stepped into view. After missing the 10-pointer, I realized the gun was shooting high, so with my LAST slug, I dropped the buck. I've always believed there's a reason for every miss.

UPDATE: Final score on this buck is 193-2/8. Eyeguards on this great buck are 9-3/8" and 9", respectively.


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