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Darrell Snedeger, UT 2007
Photo Finish?
December 17, 2007

Which 2007 Utah bull will become the new state record non-typical? Our other post (37 Feet of Antler), mentions a great non-typical that might score in the 427 range as a final score.

Now comes word from Darrell Snedeger that his bull, taken on September 17th, might be in that ballpark as well. It has been green-scored by an official measurer at approximately 425. Darrell waited 14 years for the tag. He hunted with family, and when he killed the bull, he "was dancing around like a little kid."

Whatever the outcome, one thing is for sure. Both bulls are fantastic specimens that will add to Utah's hunting legacy and rank high in the all-time records book.

UPDATE: Darrell Snedeger's great Utah bull has been officially scored at 424-7/8 and is currently undergoing the entry process. Darrell's bull is the second-largest non-typical ever taken in Utah, and the #1 taken with a rifle.


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