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Travis Champlin 2010
Kansas Weight
February 1, 2011

UPDATE: Travis's buck has been officially scored at 206-1/8". Very impressive, especially considering the inside spread is only 12-3/8".

B&C currently has a 225-7/8 non-typical buck (taken by Benjamin G. Miller in MN) in the records book with only a 11-6/8" inside spread. The inside spread of Travis's buck would rank him at the 5th smallest inside spread of all B&C non-typical whitetail. Not often we talk about the smallest measurement here at B&C!

Travis Champlin arrowed this narrow, but busy and heavy 19-point non-typical reported to green gross 210-5/8 from a only 13-3/8 wide frame.

"Due to palmation and common bases the score may vary pending on scorer's judgment, we intend on having Craig Pierce officially score the buck after the required drying period. We will keep you posted."

Andy Pierce


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