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Brian Stephens 2009
Buckeye Muzzle Longest Beams Ever
January 31, 2010

UPDATE: 1/31/2010 Trophy Watch recevied word that this buck was scored on January 30 by two Offficial Measurers.
The final non-typical score is 250 1/8" Gross - 232 5/8" Net on 18 scoreable points. The buck has the two longest main beams ever recorded on a whitetail at (Left) 35 1/8" & (Right) 34 1/8". The buck also has a 17 7/8" G2 tine. While Boone and Crockett does not keep records by method of harvest we cannot confirm but this buck is reported to be the muzzleloader record non typical from Ohio

12/14/09 Stephens reports "It unofficially has the longest
main beams ever recorded at 35 1/8" and 34 1/8" green. It will likely set a new mark for non-typical in OH with a Muzzle Loader." The longest main beams on record (non-typical whitetail) are from another Ohio buck scoring 209-1/8 taken in 2008 (Right 33-6/8, Left 32). Longest main beams for a typical whitetail are from an Indiana buck taken in 1985 scoring 195-5/8 (R 33-6/8, L 33-1/8).

Brian Stephens of Clayton, Ohio with a buck taken on 11/30/09 with a muzzleloader. Unofficial green gross of 249-5/8, netting 232-1/8.


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