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Kevin Petrzilka 2010
Big Nebraska Taxidermy
November 30, 2010

This bad boy was shot last night near Loma. I was at our area DU banquet when I got the call that I had better get out to see this deer. We headed to the farm and it was like a NU football game there was so many people and trucks. Kevin Petrzilka shot it and could not have been more humble about it.

I caped it off last night right where he laid and the rack will be back in Kevin’s hands today so I am not responsible for it until I mount it (which is a privilege as well).

We green scored it as a typical that Grossed 226 4/8, his net was 216 3/8. If he stays as a typical, because there is a concern that his G3’s may count as non-typical, he will rank near the top in the world. No matter what happens with this buck as far as scores go he is a once in a lifetime trophy and will be in a few magazines no doubt. I have physically seen a couple bigger non-typical deer in person, but this is the biggest typical by far. Milo Hanson’s world record Typical is 213” just to put into perspective, and Nebraska’s #1 typical is 199”. Time will tell , but I had to share because it is obviously the buzz in this part of the state.

Mark W. Davis


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