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Ohio Bow
Buckeye State
November 17, 2008

Very little information other than reportedly taken with a bow from Ohio.

11/24/08 Hunter John Carpenter shared his story:

"I saw the arrow enter up to the fletching, quartering toward his front right shoulder. He ran 10 yards, walked another 60 yards until he was directly in front of me at 50 yards, and then dropped to the ground and gave his death growl. The official time of death was 4:15 p.m.

I stayed on stand (with binoculars glued to the deer) for 30 minutes. I wiped "sweat" from my eyes, started to shake with nerves and watched this beast grow massively (instead of ground shrinkage). When I tracked his path after the shot, he never bled a drop of blood because I had shot him squarely through the heart and his cavity filled with blood but had no exit passage. He has everything that you would want in a mature buck (length, mass and character).

I can say that the story is as good as the buck, and we will wait for 60 days to get the rack scored by an official scorer. I have taken lots of calls from friends and strangers alike. I am keeping out of the hype as much as possible, hard to do when you take something like this."

11/19/08 This buck was taken by John Carpenter on near New Philadelphia, Ohio.


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