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George Moore 2010
Oklahoma Bow
February 21, 2011

UPDATE 2/24/11: This buck was accepted into the 28th Awards at 190-6/8.

Based on trail cam photos, George Moore, his son Matt and son-in-law Chris began trying to pattern this buck they named "Most Wanted" before the OK archery season, buy setting out three stand locations for varying wind conditions.

There efforts and diligence were rewarded with a shot at this brut reported to rough score 191-2/8 (206-5/8).

George says, " I have hunted since I was 12 years old and so for 44 years I had dreamed of this moment to truly hold and harvest a Boone and Crockett Buck. And more than that be so blessed to take Most Wanted while hunting with my only son, Matt and hunt in our great home state of Oklahoma."

The OK state record typical scores 192-5/8.


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