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Secure permanent and dedicated conservation funding from public and private sources – Federal funding for natural resources and the environment, known as Function 300 in the budget, has been cut in half since the 1970s and is now less than one percent of overall federal discretionary spending. In addition, pass-through funds from federal excise taxes paid by hunters, recreational shooters, and anglers no longer meet state fish and wildlife agencies’ growing costs of conserving species in need. Ensuring robust and consistent funding for conservation is the top priority for sportsmen’s organizations.
Conservation Recommendations Finalized for Next White House Administration and Next Two Congresses – Fifty of the nation’s leading hunting conservation organizations recently released their policy recommendations for the next White House administration and the next two Congresses. Wildlife for the 21st Century: Volume VI was developed by the groups that participate in the American Wildlife Conservation Partners to provide specific actions that could be taken to improve wildlife conservation and management.
In August of 2000 the Club was instrumental in organizing an historical conservation summit that has already proven to have a profound effect on the future of wildlife. This landmark meeting resulted in the foundation of the American Wildlife Conservation Partners (AWCP)—a coalition of 35 wildlife...

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"The wildlife and its habitat cannot speak. So we must and we will."

-Theodore Roosevelt