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Potential or Pending
January 27, 2012

What does Potential World's Record mean? What is the difference between potential and pending? Both good questions to ask considering there are a number of "pendings" and "potentials" circulating the Internet and magazines after this past hunting season, as has been the case in years past.

If you read the words, they sound pretty straightforward. Someone has taken what they believe is a trophy that is waiting to be declared a new Boone and Crockett or Pope & Young World's Record for that category. That's good news. One would also assume that potential and pending mean the same thing. They do not.

Potential means that a trophy has been officially measured after the 60-day drying period, and all necessary paperwork has been submitted and accepted by B&C or P&Y. Once accepted, that trophy is now pending as a new World's Record. To be officially declared a new World's Record, both B&C and P&Y convene their own panel of senior measurers to verify the official entry score, and this could take some extra time to coordinate.

What is potential or pending does not mean is that someone either scored their own trophy and is announcing that it is a pending or potential new World's Record, or a trophy that has been officially scored, but the trophy owner has not submitted the required paperwork, and is jumping the gun by saying his or her trophy is a new World's Record.

The punch line is, while the caption might read potential or pending and this looks and sounds good and creditable, just saying it's so doesn't make it so. The Boone and Crockett Club and Pope & Young Club owe it to the integrity of the system, and therefore the data, and the other animals and trophy owners in their respective books to get it right and there is a process for this.


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