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B&C Member Spotlight

Boone and Crockett Club members have come from a cross-section of famous accomplished people whose lives and careers have written and recorded the history of this country since the late 19th Century. They have been naturalists, scientists, explorers and sportsmen, writers and academicians, artists, statesmen and politicians, generals, bankers, financiers, philanthropists, and industrialists. Their diversity of ideas and activities during their careers have made the Boone and Crockett Club rich in its fellowship and achievements. Below you'll find spotlights of early B&C members. This is a work in progress and additional spotlights will continue to be featured.


More than anyone, George Bird Grinnell influenced, directed, and solidified the conservation movement during its early years. He also orchestrated the activity of many other conservation leaders, some of whom will be topics of future biographies. His avoidance of self-promotion, and his desire to often work “behind the scenes,” has left him largely unheralded today.
One can summarize Frank M. Chapman’s achievements by saying that he not only influenced the populace to appreciate our feathered friends, but he was an early ecologist who appreciated nature as a balanced whole and its essential relationship to man. Chapman was the dean of American ornithologists. He continued his research and writing until six weeks before his death from kidney failure on November 15, 1945.
George Shiras III was a member of the Boone and Crockett Club. On behalf of the Club and several other wildlife organizations, George Bird Grinnell wrote to him regarding his lifelong work: “It was your genius which discovered the legal distinction between animals that are migratory and those that are sedentary, or local. Through this discovery we owe to you the greatest single accomplishment ever made in wild life protection. No man has rendered a service in this respect so great as yours.”

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