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Big Bucks
Million Dollar Deer
November 9, 2011

Images of this whitetail deer have been floating around the Internet. The fence in the background tells only part of the story.

This buck is claimed to be worth a million bucks, or just $7500 per sperm straw. It begs the questions such as: what came first, megatron, super-deer or folks who would pay to shoot them; scientifically we have the know how, but why should we; is this buck domestic livestock, and if so is killing him still considered hunting; what does the 73% of those non-hunters who still support hunting think; and has the idea of trophy for some surpassed the satisfaction of the chase?

Whatever your answers are to these questions, or your feelings toward this growing trend of trophy at any cost, you will never see such animals listed in Boone and Crockett records.


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