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Ron Ricci 2011
Utah Early Return
September 12, 2011

Opening day of the southern Utah rifle season produced this non-typical buck reported to score 240 for Ron Ricci and his son, Robbi (left).

The Boone and Crockett Club does not maintain a category for velvet antlers because there are so few exceptions where velvet antlers are available during firearm seasons as opposed to those species that can be hunted early with archery equipment - caribou being the most common velvet/firearm trophy. As such, the Pope & Young Club maintains a velvet category for archery taken trophies.

To be officially scored for B&C, velvet must be stripped off. Today's advancements in taxidermy recreating velvet to antler that has been stripped or damaged is now giving trophy owners the option to have their trophies officially scored and still mounted in velvet.


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