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Dryden, ON 2003
Rumor Milling
December 15, 2003

We have been getting "New World's Record" emails about this buck. Most are claiming SE Alberta, Ontario, and Wisconsin as the location. Some are claiming it was taken 1/2 hour after legal shooting light and the local game department now has the head. It's big. That's all we know for sure.

Anyone have any facts?

UPDATE: Unofficial 223+ 199-7/8 green final score 12 inches of abnormal points plus unmatched 7 inch tine

TrophyWatch has learned that this buck was poached after legal shooting hours, just out of Dryden, Ontario, Canada, and was seized by local conservation officers (one of these officers is pictured with the buck). Several have commented that it is too bad a buck of this caliber cannot be recognized by the Boone and Crockett records book because it was taken illegally. This is not entirely true. Although the poacher can never be listed as the hunter, Ontario wildlife officials can enter the buck as a "picked up" head, thereby giving this tremendous deer and Ontario the recognition it deserves.


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