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Texas 2005
Texas Bull
December 11, 2005

This bull has been getting a lot of play over the Internet, and rightfully so. Here’s what we know:

The bull is believed to have been taken by a bowhunter in Texas. It has yet to be entered into B&C or Pope & Young, so no entry or due diligence has been initiated.

What is unclear is whether or not this bull will meet eligibility requirements for entry into B&C should it be entered. Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept. does not consider elk a game animal and as such do not have a management plan in place for elk (hunters do have to have a state hunting license, but there is no elk license or tag.) There is also no currently recognized hunting season for elk in Texas, and can therefore be taken year-round. Elk are not native to Texas (other than the Guadalupe Mountains). They are currently considered an Exotic.

We’ll keep you posted when we know more.


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