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Travis Tiffin 2012
Alberta Big Tom
December 21, 2012

No details yet, just a huge cat.

12/24 - Merry Christmas! I had heard that the cat I shot this December has made it’s way to you. I think that is pretty cool. I couldn’t believe the size of that big Tom myself. What a cool hunt it was!

I shot the cat on Dec 10/2012. He weighed in at 223 pounds. I have a rough idea on score, but need to get some callipers so that I don’t give any false readings, but he certainly exceeds the Boone and Crocket minimum of 14-8/16. If you would like any more info just let me know. I will attach a few more pictures for you.

Travis Tiffin

Alberta ranks #6 all-time for cougar entries (107) behind ID (176), MT (169), CO (152), BC (136), and UT (115).


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