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Indiana 2010
Indiana Homegrown
August 25, 2010

Trophy Watch has confirmed that this buck is still captive going by the name X Factor in deer breeder land.

The answer to the question below is not eligible, not ever. Thanks to the TW faithful for weighting in on this question.

Chad writes: The obvious answer it no it is not eligible. Do you think this buck would be that big if it was a born in the wild and did not have all the genetic breeding to produce such large antlers? If someone shoots that deer it should not be eligible because it has not been wild its whole life.

What happens to captive wildlife when released into the wild? This buck is reported to be a captive-raised deer that is now free to try and make a living on his own. The state mandated the fence be taken down.

TW is trying to confirm, but this raises some interesting questions. Are pen-raised deer now wild once let out? Do they have the same escapability and survival skills as wild game? If legally taken during a hunting season should they eligible for the records book?

There is no question however, that we can genetically grow Frankendeer in captivity.


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