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Roy Hisler, WA 2002
Washington Cougar Makes the Email Rounds
January 22, 2008

This photo was posted on Trophy Watch in 2003 and again in 2004. It seems the photo has been regaining new life as the email rumor mill starts up again. A few years ago it was rumored to be from Kansas, Iowa, Texas, and Pennsylvania. This time it was taken by a deer hunter in Missouri while it was stalking him in his stand.
The truth is that it was taken in King County, Washington in December 2002 by Roy Hisler with one shot from a .30-06. His partner, Jim Hackewitz, used a varmint call to bring in the big cat taken within 6 miles of Bellevue, Washington (a major suburb of Seattle). The cougar was accepted into the 25th Big Game Awards at 15-7/16.


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