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Mike Cupell 2012
AZ 43B "Bat" Ram
December 26, 2012

Long time B&C Official Measurer (since 1970), Mike Cupell.

Hunted hard for 17 days - had an outfitter pretty well trash the prime area I wanted to hunt, followed by - believe it or not - an AZ. Game and Fish "Bat Survey" crew come in and run nilly-willy all over the area I was trying to hunt on 14 quads, day after day. Finally moved to the other end of the unit on the 17th morning of hunting and got on this guy almost immediately. Four hours later, had him. Even with the trials and tribulations I ended up with a great ram for Unit 43B. Gross green score (by me, Mr. Tight Tape) at 170.7 and net green score of 170.2. Huge for this particular unit. Plus he is just simply a beautiful ram.


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