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Man Eater?
World's Record Grizzly?
August 28, 2003

The winner for the most inquiries to TrophyWatch has to be this bear. We canít count the number of people who have sent TW this photo and an ever-changing story. Once we started receiving attachments of the man this bear was supposed to have fed on we thought it was time to report the facts, as we know them:

-Not a grizzly, but a brown bear
-Did not kill and eat anyone (at least lately)
-Wasn't 12.5" and 1600 pounds - it squared 10.5'
-Was shot legally with a .338, not a 7mm, 9mm or .500 Nitro
-Didn't charge a forest ranger
-Was shot by a USAF airman
-Not a new World's Record (brown or grizzly)
-The Official Entry Score is 28-14/16 Ė still a big bear!


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