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Michael V. De Santis 2010
Kodiak double trouble
December 2, 2010

This was Michael's 3rd trip to Kodiak in search of a good brown bear. On day 2 of the hunt Michael and his guide got dropped off on shore to check out a good looking bear. While glassing the bear, they spotted a Sitka blacktail that was too good to pass up. While getting pictures of the buck (reported to have a green gross score of 109), a good bear walked up behind them, which Michael decided to take. With filled tags and full packs the pair headed down to the shore to get picked up. Another bear decided to follow them, too close for comfort. Michael's guide was able to deter the bear with a well placed rock. When they reached the shoreline the weather had turned and the boat was unable to pick them up for 5 days. Luckily they had a big bear hide to sleep in and a tasty blacktail to eat!


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