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John Cofty, GA 2007
The Cleaners Must Have Spilled Bleach on My Coat
February 24, 2007

John Cofty, Jr. was hunting in south Georgia on January 7th when he took this unique trophy. Estimated score on this deer is 147-3/8.
This buck, with the blotchy white coloring, is what is known as a piebald. Congratulations, John, on taking a truly unique and outstanding trophy.


David Stevens, KY 2006
Long "Tine" Coming
February 18, 2007

David Stevens harvested a great Kentucky whitetail this past fall. He writes, "As a new B&C Associate, I would like to share a photo of a buck I harvested in Lyon County, Kentucky in 2006. I harvested this buck with my .50-caliber muzzleloader after missing the same buck the weekend before with my bow! I thought I would never see him again. Keep up the good work!"
We will, David, and congratulations.


Glade Smith, UT 2006
Handsome Rack and a Black Sport Coat
February 18, 2007

Glade Smith was hunting in Cache County, Utah when he crossed paths with this gorgeous Shiras moose. Scoring 154-2/8, this great moose would be a worthy trophy for any hunter.
Shiras moose, by B&C's boundaries, are moose taken from Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, and Colorado. They often have a much more striking and dark coat than their northern cousins.


Scott Banghart, IN 2006
Indiana Muzzleloader Buck
February 18, 2007

Scott Banghart was hunting the opening day of the Indiana firearm season with his muzzleloader when he encountered this nice typical whitetail. It is reported to score in the mid-160s. Congratulations, Scott, on a fine whitetail trophy.


Jason Nordberg, MT 2006
Lifetime Dream for a Bighorn Ram
February 18, 2007

Jason Nordberg was the lucky recipient of a Montana bighorn sheep tag in fall of 2006, and didn't come away disappointed. This 182 B&C ram was taken on November 21st. Congratulations, Jason, on a great ram.


Alberta, 2007
One Big Cat
February 18, 2007

This giant cougar was reported to have weighed 210 lbs. Going nose to nose with a giant cat like this goes to show just how brave and talented these dogs are.

First reports had this photo coming from Oregon, but that seems unlikely since it's currently illegal to hunt cougar with dogs there. Further reports seem to point to Alberta.

UPDATE: This trophy has been submitted to B&C at 15-10/16. The hunter was Tim Gazankas, and the cat was taken near Drayton Valley, Alberta.


David McShaw, AZ 2006
Hunt of a Lifetime - Literally
February 15, 2007

David McShaw is battling muscular dystrophy, but he didn't let it stop him from taking this great bull this past fall in Arizona. This hunt was part of the "Hunt of a Lifetime" program, which helps organize hunts for children with terminal illnesses.
Chad and Shawn Smith, of Vaquero Outfitters, gave their all in helping to make this hunt a success. Due to wet weather, Chad literally carried David on his back as they chased bugling elk wherever they could find them. Others were there as well to help pack assorted gear.
On the third day, they found this great bull, and that evening David made a great shot on a fantastic trophy.


Ryan Strite, OH 2006
Ohio Record Book Whitetail
February 15, 2007

Ryan Strite arrowed this handsome whitetail buck this past November while on a hunt in Tuscarawas County, Ohio. It was the last day of the hunt at about 10am when he saw this buck following the trail of a hot doe. A 31-yard shot sealed the deal. This buck is currently an entry in the 27th Awards, with an entry score of 170-4/8 - just enough to possibly make the All-time records book. Ryan says, "I don't think I'll ever see anything close to this in the Shenandoah Mountains where I generally hunt!"


Fern Spaulding, AK 2006
Little Girl, Big Bear
February 7, 2007

Fern Spaulding was hunting with her dad, Larry Rivers, in May of 2006 when she downed this outstanding Alaska brown bear with a 32-yard shot from a .375 H&H. At only 10 years old, she likely weighed less than half of the hide alone, which weighed 197 lbs.
Email rumors had this bear scoring 33-1/16. The World's Record, taken by Roy Lindsley on Kodiak Island in 1952, scores 30-12/16.
The true score is finally known. This bear has been officially measured at 29-1/16, which is still an incredible trophy, and exceeds the 28-inch All-Time minimum by a healthy margin. The bear's hide "squared" 11' 8" according to Larry. Congratulations to Fern for taking an exceptional trophy!


Paul Lindsoe, MT 2006
Heavy Montana Ram
February 3, 2007

Only a few days remained in the season when Paul Lindsoe was able to take this great ram with the help of John Lewton. Paul made a 325-yard shot as evening was setting in to take the trophy of a lifetime. The ram is reported to score near 195, with 12" third quarter measurements (a huge figure). The ram was aged at 11-12 years old. This was Paul's first attempt at even drawing a bighorn tag, and he didn't waste much time making the most of it.


Jason Groot, AB 2006
A 175-inch Smile
February 3, 2007

Jason Groot was able to take this nice mule deer buck this past fall in Alberta on a limited entry hunt. He says, "My partner and I have seen some bigger bucks in the area before, but I couldn't pass up such a good-looking buck!"


Travis Means, NV 2006
Yellow-Horned Nevada Desert Ram
February 3, 2007

Travis Means took this great 173-2/8 desert ram in southern Nevada this fall. It is currently an entry in the 27th Awards Program, which just started January 1st, and will run through December 31st, 2007.


Brian Reisenauer, ND 2006
Badlands Not So Bad for Brian
February 3, 2007

A prior bowhunting trip produced some big buck sightings for Brian Reisenauer and his dad, Keith. They came back later, and Brian was able to punch his tag with this great 29-inch 4x6 in the badlands area of northwestern North Dakota. This is only Brian's second buck, and was taken just after his 18th birthday.


Dennis Sites, NV 2006
Great Hunt in Unforgiving Country
February 3, 2007

Dennis Sites took this great desert ram in southern Nevada this past fall, with the help of some good friends. Estimated score is 173, well above the minimum entry score. For desert sheep, the All-time records book minimum is 168; the three-year Awards book minimum is 165.
B&C Official Measurer Victor Trujillo (third from left) was involved in the hunt and sent in the photo.


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